My name is Anna and I am an Icelandic travel agent and an authorised member of the Icelandic Tourist Board. I have worked in the tourism industry for more then a decade, mostly organising tours for foreign travellers who visit Iceland; making customised itineraries, booking activities (such as glacier tours, hiking tours, boat tours, cave tours, horseback riding tours etc.) and accommodations, arranging transportation, providing guidance and information along with basically everything else that could be considered travel related.

I have worked for some great travel agencies and tour operators over the years and made a lot of good friends and trusted partners along the way, but I recently decided to start working for myself as an independent travel agent. Being independent means that I am perfectly free to choose any services I think are best suitable for each of my clients and since I am not a tour operator myself (as is the case for most travel agencies in Iceland), I do not have any invested interests and can be completely neutral in all my decision making. Besides that, my main goal as a travel agent is to provide personal and all around excellent service for all kinds of travellers from all over the world. I am also passionate about environmental issues, which is why I personally pay for 10 trees being planted for each person that does a tour organised by me, which corresponds to carbon offsets of one ton per traveller.

Whether you are looking to do a multi-day tour with a private guide, explore Iceland on your own in a rental car, plan a special event or just to do an adventurous day tour or a fun activity, I will make a customised itinerary and take care of all the bookings for you. In addition I specialise in offering package tours for females only under the name “Women safe travel”, a concept I created to combine my love for travelling and the importance of raising awareness of women's travel safety and well being, especially for solo travellers.