Women Safe Travel

Whether they are experienced travellers or not, women need to take extra precautions in order to be aware, alert and feel confident, especially when travelling alone. In fact, despite a rapid increase in female solo travellers in the last few years, women generally feel less safe travelling alone today then they did a few years back.

I created the concept “Women safe travel” to embrace the fact that more and more women are choosing to travel solo by offering exciting package tours for them where they can meet other women that share their passion for travelling, while at the same time creating a safe travel environment for women travellers. Also, by travelling in small groups and sharing costs for guides, transportation, accommodation etc. female solo travellers should not have to miss out on experiencing real, “off the beaten path” adventures that might otherwise be too costly.

The subject of women's safety and well being is one that is very dear to my heart and in a way it is my contribution to support women to come together, travel together and experience the world together and thereby empowering women in general and their right to travel safely. “Women safe travel” will begin its journey in my native Iceland, but hopefully in the near future it will be an international concept that combines passion for travelling and safety awareness for women worldwide.

If you are a woman travelling to Iceland alone or in a small group of women, Women safe travel might be exactly what you are looking for!